As your personal armorer, we go above and beyond the traditional gun store experience to provide you with honest, personalized, and expert firearm sales and manufacturing for your 2A defense necessities.

Every firearm sold, transferred, repaired, and manufactured by us is our way to defend our 2nd Amendment, and to guarantee you and your family’s right to life, traditions, and freedom.

Flat $15 firearm transfer fee as proof of our commitment to defend and guarantee life, traditions, and freedom one firearm at a time.

At Southland Armory, our passion lies with piston driven technologies and firearms that are historically and culturally significant. Our custom build and manufacturing services center around both of these passions.

Our products & services include:

New and used modern firearms

Firearm Parts, Receivers, Builder Accessories



Collector grade firearm reproduction

Firearm Importation

Your Personal Armorer | Defending and guaranteeing life, traditions, and freedom one firearm at a time

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